Taking Responsibility-One of Your Stories

Jun 23, 2011
Taking Responsibility-One of Your Stories

A Word of Encouragement From One of You

First I would like to give God the glory and honor due to His name. God has brought me a long way in the past four years. As I kept seeking God and doing the best that I knew to do, He started showing me things about myself. For years I would go to everyone and talk about everything that I was going through. I would talk about the negative things more than the positive. As I was going through different things with my husband, I would tell about the negative things that he was doing more than the positive things. I would talk more than I would pray. There was a time when I did not want to pray for him. God revealed these things to me and told me that I had to repent to my husband about spreading negative things about him. I did go to my husband and ask him to forgive me for all the things that I said about him and would not say those things again. I had to repent for some others things too. I had to come to myself and admit that I played a part in this also. I was not doing what I was to do as a wife. Pastor was talking about the wife’s conduct. Sometimes we think that we are doing the right thing. I thank God that he showed me me. So now I pray for my husband’s salvation every day. I have given this to God and I will see what He will do in this situation. My goal now is to do the will of my Father. I am at peace now and I have joy and happiness in Christ. Thank God for the connections that I made through Esther’s News. There is so much more that I could tell but this is what God wanted me to share with all of you.



Resource: The Power of Your Words by Robert Morris

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