What is Your IMPACT?

Jul 20, 2010
What is Your IMPACT?

“If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.”

Maya Angelou

Esther’s story speaks of a beautiful young girl whose life changes “suddenly” as I mentioned in my previous article, but what we must explore now is the idea that with every change she made, she also made an “IMPACT”.  The definition of the word impact is “to affect”, “to have an effect on”, or “the power to move feelings, influence thinking, etc” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, Copyright 1990). For example, Queen Esther’s Uncle Mordecai discovers the plot to eradicate the Jews and her response is to have all of the people connected to her fast and pray. The decision she made to seek the Lord first, before taking action, affected the result of her action, which was addressing the king.  Her decision to pray first made an IMPACT on the outcome. (See Esther 4 for the details.)

 Do you want to make an impact or are you just waiting on God to return and take you home? Let’s analyze where you are in life right now. Are you working at home, in the workplace or going to school? Most of us fall into one of these categories. We might be staying home to raise our wonderful children, or working on a rewarding job or just plain striving toward becoming a better person.

 No matter which position you are holding right now(you may be doing all of them simultaneously), you must understand that God is behind the scenes orchestrating each musician to play for you as you swiftly, delicately and quietly move through life. You are dancing along at the direction of the symphony music conductor according to the original masterpiece ballad named just for you…

 Change will come with each stroke of your tune playing and you will quickly understand that your masterpiece ballad is the sound that is being heard in earth as it is in heaven. And before long your masterpiece will be sung by many for years and never grow old.

 Come on and make the “IMPACT” you were designed to make. Change from the old and begin something NEW.

 Think, Read, Repent, Love, Forgive and Pray =IMPACT

By: Loretta


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