“Preparing for a Shift & Change”

Dec 10, 2011
“Preparing for a Shift & Change”

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:18&19(MSG)

“Shift and Change”
As I prepared for the summer and anticipated the colorful fall, I clearly heard a few words pounding in the heart of my soul. “Shift& Change” I thought something is coming and it will affect the people of God. As I begin to move throughout the summer the need to pray more became more and more intense. I didn’t understand “why” the need to pray more was great, but I was clear that “shift & change” meant for me to “PREPARE”.  My concept of preparation simply means attending church, serve the people of God, reading my Bible and praying. Although that seems like plenty, and indeed it is, I still needed to remain in a place to “listen with my spirit”. If we could rewind the hand of time and step into Esther’s world we could see that she understood that a change was coming. Here’s a young girl, preparing to meet a King, training to run a household of servants, hosting black tie affairs, coordinating a stellar list of A-listers to invite, welcoming guests from all over the world, some arriving with advance notice and others showing up without any notice at all. This young woman handled “Shift and Change” with grace and style. As you begin this year will you be prepared for the changes? You might be saying “What change?” Your change could be a new job, new car, new house, new relationships, new family, new personal makeover, new ways to handle problems, new ideas to help your family heal hurt, new heart and a new attitude about church, family and life. The list of new can go on and on, but you can’t just look at the word “new” and think “I’m okay with that when it happens.” You have to be ready before it happens. Remember with shift and change comes new and unexpected things. God loves us so much that when a “new thing” comes forth, then a “shift and change” is inevitable. Please understand that God is holding you throughout it all and He will help prepare you for the changes that are coming. As I reflected on the concept of “shift and change”,  I decided to embrace what will come and I pray that as a people we do not miss the new that will spring forth.

“Listen in the air and follow your hearts, and allow God to open up doors for you to become all he intended for your life.” Loretta Finch

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