Divine Destiny Creations by Andrea Macie

Apr 17, 2010
Divine Destiny Creations by Andrea Macie

Spotlight on Business:
Divine Destiny Creations - Jayvana Rucker

Interview by Andrea Macie
On April 7th I had the privilege to sit down with Jayvana Rucker, owner & operator of Divine Destiny Creations, a full-service beauty salon in Mattydale, NY. The salon celebrated its Grand Opening on March 6, 2010. The following is the interview that took place. I hope her answers inspire you and encourage you-business owner, or not.

Q: How did you know that this was your field?
A: I knew as a child that I would own my own business and work for myself. My father was a hairdresser, it’s part of the family legacy. I went right from high-school to hair school, and from there worked for 13 years in the field so this was a smooth transition for me.

Q: What were some of the preparations you made, spiritually and naturally, to start your own business?
A: Spiritually I prepared by fasting and praying during the transition from the salon I was in to my own place. Naturally I prepared by taking classes, seeking out business advisors and doing internet searches. It was important for me to get my foundation and learn from others who have already gone through the process. OCC (Onondaga Community College) has a program for small business. They will walk you through the process, help you write your business plan and give you resources for lawyers, accountants, etc.

Q: How did you know it was “time” to go forward and pursue having your own business?
A: God spoke to me and said it was time, I was sitting in a church service. Once I knew I heard from Him, no one could tell me different.

Q: How did you settle on the location you are currently in?
A: I would drive around and pray. I had peace about this area. I actually found this building on Craigslist. I met the guy here and had peace immediately. I had looked at another place up the road. And that place was actually newer and it “looked” right but I said no because the peace wasn’t there.

Q: Did you ever get discouraged, and how did you bounce back from that?
A: Yes, I did. I just pressed into God even more and His peace would come. Even though I was comfortable in my own abilities as a stylist, opening my own salon went beyond my comfort zone and brought me to the next level.

Q: How did you handle road blocks that came your way?
A: 3 P’s-persistence, perseverance and patience. When I was filing some of my paperwork, it would come back unapproved but with no explanation as to why. I had to ask questions and persist until I got the answer. Don’t ever give up! Stay focused! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there is no room for pride. I also was patient and didn’t rush into anything. It’s vital to listen to the Holy Spirit and move in His time!

Q: How do you maintain the balance between work and personal?
A: By Grace! I have a great support system. I rely on His grace and I pray for strategies in each season. What might have worked last season might not work in the current season of life. God works out all the details and I make sure I keep Him first and then I have times of refreshing.

Q: Can you share a testimony about how God has used your business to bless your family?
A: The first week I was open I made about 3x the amount I had made in my best week the previous 13 years. God has been our provision. From October 2009-March 2010, we were only a 1-income household. Before the shop opened, I was paying rent on it from January-March. God supernaturally provided in that season. All our bills were paid. The shop was opened with no grants, no loans and no debt, I just used what I had. Money was never my motivator, God was and is. I am blessed to have money but it doesn’t have me!

Q: Do you have some words of wisdom that helped guide you through the process of starting your own business?
A: Make sure your have prayer support. The prayers will help you push through and remove obstacles in your way. I read the Psalms a lot, especially Psalms 27. I tried to get out of them, but couldn’t. The Word brought me peace and comfort. His hand was upon it, I gave it totally to Him. I prayed about every decision, even the paint color!

Q: What would you say has been the greatest lesson you have learned through this process?
A: How to trust God and believing and relying totally on Him! I had to die to myself.

Q: Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share?
A: With God all things are possible. Your dream is not based on your circumstance or your background. When God speaks to you, believe in it and go for it! Don’t let circumstance get in the way of what God has for you-He is no respector of persons, what He did for me He can do for you! Don’t use excuses. You might say “I don’t have a husband” or “I have small children” or “I don’t have anyone to help me”-God will help you and send support. With His help, you can do it!

Shop Info:
Divine Destiny Creations

2211 Brewerton Rd, Mattydale, NY
Phone: 315-455-9090


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