What is…“seed”?

Jul 11, 2010
What is…“seed”?

A Financial Testimony from One of You

Proof that God's Debt-Free Plan Works! And that God's economy is not based on the world's economy!

“I sowed a $30 seed  at a Sunday morning service at my church, Abundant Life Christian Center. Our Pastor said that whatever seed we sowed, we would reap a 100-fold (100 times) harvest[return]. I did what I had in my heart to do, and I reaped a 200-fold harvest of about $6000. You see, I had borrowed some money from a family member to buy a 2009 Elantra in July of 2009. At the time that I sowed my $30 seed, I still owed about $8700.  After I sowed the seed, that family member offered me a settlement of $2700 to call my debt paid. What a God we serve! He blessed me with a brand new car and I was debt free and the balance was paid in full!” Sally Abbott

A seed is something that you have that you give to the Lord for Kingdom purposes, expecting that it will produce a harvest in your own life. Usually a seed is a smaller portion of the total thing that you want God to do on your behalf. Give in faith and watch & see how God supernaturally  provides and multiplies!


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