Fine-Tuning Your Foundation Application

Jan 13, 2011
Fine-Tuning Your Foundation Application

Beauty Note
By Oubon

How do I apply Foundation? And what are the good ones?

This question can be a bit of a challenge depending upon your budget of course. Some foundations are made for specific skin types. But there is one that will surely suit you the best; it all takes trial and error.
Good skin moisturizing is the key to good foundation application. That is the secret.  If your skin isn’t properly moisturized, it can affect the finish of your foundation by either appearing too dry or too cakey.
Common mistakes I see that most women make is that they overdo it by over applying or choosing the wrong shades.
Here are some tips:
1. Start off with a clean face
2. Moisture with a good moisturizer for your skin type I’ve used all kinds from department store to drugstore. Since my skin is oily I make sure its water based and oil free.
3. Once moisturizer is applied let set in for 5-10 minutes
4. Start with concealer, applying onto trouble areas (under eyes, correcting blemishes)
5. Then proceed to foundation
6. For the winter I use (full coverage liquid or cream foundation), For the Summer I used (light coverage)
7. I use 2 colors for my skin tone - the shade of my face and a shade darker than my face. This is a good trick for contouring and highlighting the face
8. I used my fingertips for blending but it’s better to use a sponge spritzed with water.
9. After the you’ve applied your foundation, finish off with pressed powder.

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